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CBSE Foundation & Advanced Programs

This program is best suited for Students who wish to climb the ladder of academic success and come ahead of their peers early in their lives. This program helps the student in understanding the fundamentals of various subjects and develops their personality. We transform our students from meek self-doubting students into confident leaders of tomorrow.

Salient features of our CBSE focused Courses:

  • High degree motivational lecture by a renowned faculty and motivational speaker Shri Ashish Mohan.
  • Our teachers are trained to be as thorough as the best student demands and as easy-going as the weakest student needs.
  • We give daily practice papers (of 5 to 10 short questions each of every subject) of varrying difficulty levels along with assignments on every topic. This strategy makes the students study at Home compulsorily.
  • Each of our class is specifically designed keeping the needs of our students in mind. We aim complete satisfaction of every student and parent alike.
  • LNPC team gets involved with student'sday-to-day lives and not just studies to make them feel homely. This exercise enables student to come out from difficulty of subjects and transform them from meek introverts who doubt themselves into confident leaders ready to take every challenge head-on in their lives.
  • Comprehensive study material.
  • Regular feedback and reporting by teachers to the parents through our official Android App as welll as through whatsapp.
  • Centralized tests
  • Students also gain important exam practice through quizzes, tests and mock tests that helps each student improve their examination temperament - a necessary element for success in any competitive exam.

Programs to score high in School and Boards:

Class VIII

  • 3 year integrated program (VIII to X)
  • 5 year integrated program

Class IX

  • 2 year integrated program
  • 4 year integrated program

Class X

  • 1 year integrated program
  • 3 year integrated program

Class XI

  • 2 year integrated program

Class XII

  • 1 year program

*Not all program option are available at all LNPC centres. The schedule of classes may vary from one study centre to another. Kindly contact your nearest LNPC centre for more details.

*At select LNPC Centres weekend classes are also available, kindly contact your respective LNPC Centre for more details.